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Technology is a subject that has been growing and evolving day by day. In this context, technology departments have become very critical for companies.

Since it is a very different field from the normal staff selection criteria, selecting technology-oriented employees requires a separate expertise.

Talenity aims to facilitate this challenging process for you and to support your process of finding the most appropriate resource in terms of culture and technique in line with your expectations.


Our Work Process

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Maybe it is enough to send a cv for the job you are looking for.

Important Advantages

  • No consultacy fee

    No consultacy fee is requested from you until the candidate starts the job.

  • Guarantee

    If the accepted candidate leaves the job within 2 months, we guarantee that we will replace her with a new candidate at the same level.

  • Career Coaching

    Before we meet you and the candidate, We provide career coaching and indivualt development training for candidate and prepare him/her for the job.

  • Large Candidate Pool

    We can provide candidates for all levels.

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